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About Us

(Well... me, about me.)

About A Little Turpentine

From the start, A Little Turpentine has been an enigmatic mix of the irreverent and the nostalgic with a splash of whimsy. By bringing together a multitude of mediums, we create one of a kind  pieces of art for you to introduce into your life or gift to others.


From ready made pieces to custom works, there is no limit to what our creativity can produce for you!

Justin Turpentine Self Portrait

Justin Turpentine

Owner and Lead Artist

Justin is the owner and creator of

A Little Turpentine. His childhood consisted of countless hours, day and night, using his hands to physically manifest the wild ideas that kept him up late at night. The many hours and sleepless nights developed into, in addition to lifelong insomnia, a major love of all forms of art. Nothing brings him more joy than a new artistic project (well, maybe his two cats too).

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